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India is an extremely diverse country, with extreme differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity across its extremeness.

The land of colorful fairs and vibrant festivals, country with ample of UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful coastlines & beaches, royal palaces, ancient caves and temples, golden deserts etc.

A trip to India can prove to be an unprecedented and unforgettable experience for you, provided you arranged all well and in advance through trusted Government Approved Travel Agents/Tour Operators. Always recommend knowledgeable and experienced local/accompanying guides as per clients requirement. They tell you about the norms and precautions while staying and interacting with local people and roaming out. Most of the temples are visited bare feet and covered heads in India.

The best time to visit India for a foreign tourist would be during the winter months. The period from October to March witnesses the highest flow of foreigner tourists visiting the country, especially those from Europe and the USA. Weather is pleasant during this period, humidity and dirt is also lower. Winters are the best time if you plan to visit the desert region and Northern states. Hotel’s price are also high in this period. However, if you are budget conscious, you can visit from April till September. The month of April and September itself are also pleasant as the temperature is moderate and the hotel’s price are also low.

Those who have been to countries with tropical climates and can cope with the heat and humidity may also opt for a monsoon trip. Certain states of the country, including Kerala, Goa and Assam have beautiful look during the monsoon months. India is well connected with other countries. Many international flights land at the major airports in India. Most popular carriers include British Airways, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, etc. Majority of the tourists use the airports in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. These airports have modern amenities and the cities could be an ideal starting or finishing point for your India tour. India has a vast range of cuisines, each recipe is delecious and distinctive of that region. Mainly the cuisine is very spicy all over India. Rice is the main staple in meals along with the breads of different kinds.

India’s cultural heritage is expressed through its poetry and music in regional languages.Classical forms and Bollywood music are example of this. India also has a vast tradition of classical and folk dances.

During your India tour, you would experience the cultural richness of India. It is added in all the programmes. Indians value their family system a lot. Joint families are in trend. Indians live with their paternal family i.e. sons live together with their parents all their lives, and daughters live with their parents till they get married. After marriage girl joins the groom’s family to live with. India is a diverse and fascinating holiday destination, offering Golden Beaches, Traditional Villages, Breathtaking Hiking Trails, Ancient and Heritage Monuments and famous Archaeological Sites. Here are no. of temples, mosques and churches with different architectural styles each has its own history to narrate.

India is what you want it to be. If you want to see– there are a number of them, If its history you want, India has plenty of it with forts, abandoned cities, battle fields and temple town. If you simply want to relax, there are beaches and mountain resorts. Those who love adventure, there are facilities like river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking etc. We welcome you and await the opportunity, to serve you with 100% satisfaction.

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